Web Tap Security is the leader in signature-free
network-level spyware and tunnel detection.

Web Tap Enterprise

  • Realtime network-wide threat monitoring

  • Proxy server log analysis engine
  • Patent-pending behavioral analysis engine detects
    spyware, tunnels, and insider abuse

Web Tap Personal

  • Signatureless local spyware detection
  • Free for personal use

Web Tap Files Whitelisting Patent
May 20th, 2008

Web Tap Personal Beta 1.2 Released
Mar. 20th, 2007

Web Tap Personal Beta 1.1 Released
Dec. 7th, 2006

WebTapSecurity.com is Up and Running!
Nov. 20th, 2006

Spying on Spyware (external)
Dec. 1st, 2006 by Kelly Jackson Higgins

What Would Spyware Do? (external)
Nov. 21st, 2006 by Sunil James and Kevin Borders

Paper vs. The Computer
Nov. 20th, 2006 by Kevin Borders

Web Tap Enterprise Product Information
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Web Tap: Detecting Covert Web Traffic
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