Web Tap Personal Beta 1.2 Released

by Kevin Borders - March 21st, 2007

We have finally released a new version of Web Tap Personal that includes a long list of changes from version 1.1. The new version is available in the download section. Updated documentation is available with the software package, as well as here. The new version has a number of usability optimizations, such as support for groups, filters, alert priority, and built-in WHOIS lookups, as well as new detection mechanisms that can help identify malicious network traffic. Web Tap now looks at the format of headers in HTTP requests allowing it to detect a wide variety of spyware and malware instantaneously. It also now has the added convenience of running as a service under Microsoft Windows so that it will still process traffic while the user is logged out.

For the next version, we plan to add a number of smaller features, as well as create a distribution for Linux. In addition, we will look into revising the internal detection mechanisms used by Web Tap to reduce the overall number of false positives. Potential features include automatically filtering out alerts from auto-refreshing web pages or from pages that have links from trusted sites.

Thanks again to everyone who has provided feedback on the previous version. We greatly appreciate your continued support.

Kevin Borders
President and Founder, Web Tap Security