Web Tap Files Whitelisting Patent

May 20th, 2008

On May 20th, Web Tap Security founder Kevin Borders filed a patent application on technology related to whitelisting. The idea behind a whitelisting approach is to enumerate all legitimate activity and mark anything that does not fit this profile as suspicious. Web Tap Enterprise uses a whitelist to identify network traffic that does not fit the profile of known good behavior, and thereby identifies spyware.

The patent application covers whitelisting for network traffic, computer programs, and files. In particular, the application discusses use of a list of good behavior that is complete enough to infer that behavior not on the white list is actually unwanted. This differs from previous whitelisting approaches that relate to network traffic and files. Previous systems only use a partial list of desirable activity to ensure that bad programs cannot run. However, they do not have a complete enough whitelist to determine whether things that do not match are actually malicious.The technology in this patent, which is used by Web Tap Enterprise, attempts to characterize all legitimate network traffic.