Web Tap Enterprise

Web Tap Personal

Products - Overview

Both Web Tap Enterprise and Web Tap Personal are based on patent pending signature-free traffic analysis technology. They examine outbound web traffic to identify the following threats:

  • Spyware
  • Web Tunnels
  • Insider Information Leakage

Once a threat is discovered, Web Tap produces a concise report showing when, where, and how the anomalous web traffic left your netwok.

Signature-Free Detection

Signature-free detection ensures that your network is protected from the latest zero-day threats. With a signature-based solution, there is a significant window of opportunitiy for hackers to attack your network before vendors are able to produce a signature. In that case, the following events must take place before you are safe from a new threat:

  1. Someone discovers a new threat.
  2. Someone reports the new threat to a vendor (anti-virus or IDS company).
  3. The vendor creates a signature for the threat.
  4. You download and install the signtature.

This process can take days, during which your network is wide open to attack. With Web Tap you are always safe against new threats, regardless of whether they have been identified by anybody else.