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Web Tap Enterprise, our flagship security product, is the leading solution for signature-free network-level spyware detection. Web Tap Enterprise is currently in the beta testing phase. This page contains information about advantages, features, and deployment scenarios for Web Tap Enterprise.

If you are interested in evaluating Web Tap Enterprise or becoming one of our beta customers, please e-mail enterprise@webtapsecurity.com.

Network-Level Protection

In today's enterprise networks, identifying threats at the network level instead of the host level is essential. Only network-level solutions provide complete protection. We Tap Enterprise has the following advantages over host-based products:

  • Protection against infected laptops and other mobile/unmanaged hosts
  • Isolation from infected hosts prevents them from tampering with or disabling Web Tap Enterprise
  • Secure and easy centralized management and upgrade process
  • Lower installation and maintenance overhead


Web Tap Enterprise has the following features:

  • Patent pending signature-free traffic analysis technology to detect spyware, web tunnels, and insider leaks
  • Network-wide monitoring and protection
  • Central web-based management and reporting interface
  • Comprehensive reports that identify offending client, server, and web requests
  • Proxy server log analysis tool


Web Tap Enterprise can run on any computer with access to outgoing web traffic, or on a stand-alone network appliance. Web Tap Enterprise passively monitors, records, and analyzes all web traffic that it sees on the wire, reporting all suspicious activity in the form of security alerts. Web Tap Enterprise works best when placed at the network edge, where it has access to all traffic coming and going from your network. It is also compatible with networks that have a proxy server. With a proxy server, Web Tap Enterprise should be placed between the internal proxy interface and clients on your network.

Log Analysis

Web Tap Enterprise is also capable of analyzing raw packet traces or proxy server logs to identify security threats. However, network traces are preferred because they contain more detail than proxy server logs, and allow Web Tap Enterprise to leverage a greater variety of detection methods. Web Tap Enterprise's log analyzer is a valuable tool, especially when upgrading from an old system or performing forensic analysis on old traffic following a security incident.