Technical Support - Frequently Asked Questions

Web Tap Personal

Q: What operating systems is Web Tap Personal compatible with?
A: Right now, Web Tap Personal is only compatible with Windows XP. We plan to add support for Fedora core 4 and 5 soon.

Q: Does Web Tap Personal remove spyware?
A: No. Once you have identified spyware on your machine with Web Tap, the next step is to obtain removal or mitigation instructions online. We plan to add removal and mitigation instructions to the Web Tap alert interface.

Web Tap Enterprise - Proxy Log Analyzer

Q: What format does the proxy log analyzer support?
A: The Proxy log analyzer currently supports the standard Squid access.log format. More details about the squid log format can be found here. If you need to process log files that are in a different format, please contact support@webtapsecurity.com.